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LEAP Week (Learning, Engagement, Action, Possibilities) in the Lower School is a week when the regular curriculum is suspended for part of the day to give students the opportunity to explore other interests and discover new passions. Each year, for the last week of the 3rd quarter, students can select from a menu of 15-20 short courses, from which they select two.

After spending the morning in their regular classes, students participate in two LEAP sessions each afternoon. Students are able to choose their LEAP coursework based on their interests or their desire to learn more about a particular topic or develop a new skill.

LEAP coursework is designed to foster creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking, and more through active learning. In the "Once Upon a Time" course, for example, students revisit beloved children's stories and connect them to problem-solving STEM activities; while in "Sing and Sign," students learn American sign language for foods, animals, colors, and more.

LEAP Week fun at Heathwood Hall

Recent LEAP Week courses have included:

  • Herb Gardening
  • Colonial and Native American Activities
  • Tennis
  • Ballet
  • Exploring Latin America and Spain
  • Animal Lovers Book Club
  • Popular Mechanics – Building Bridges
  • Creative Writing

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