It's like no place else.

Here at Heathwood Hall, we deliberately create a welcoming space for curious minds. We want to foster a love of learning that will serve our students well throughout their lifetimes.

Our community is a place where children grow into themselves. We encourage safe, anxiety-free risk-taking while embracing diligence, discipline, and the responsibility that comes with self-mastery.

The Heathwood Experience

  • Your child's peer group will be filled with bright, inquisitive, capable minds. We know that young people look to their peers to see how to behave. At Heathwood, students lift each other up and support each other in their learning. 
  • Our school has students age 2-18. That means that younger students can continue to grow in confidence in a familiar environment, while older students get the benefit of mentoring and helping younger students. Our Reading Buddies, Math Buddies, and Biology Buddies programs allow students of different ages to explore core subjects together.
  • Our signature programs are without rival. Different age-appropriate programs are offered for every age group, including things like a STEM Tinker Lab for younger children, mindfulness training for middle school students, and study abroad experiences for upper school students.

What makes Heathwood so unique?

Teachers Who Care

Ask Heathwood students or parents what makes the school special, and one of the first answers you'll here is "the teachers." Their passion for what they do, their commitment to truly knowing each student, and their embrace of Heathwood's whole-child approach to education create an academic culture that is more dynamic, engaged, and inspiring than any other in the Midlands. 

Natural Outdoor Classroom

Heathwood's campus features five distinct habitats, including a one-acre pond, forests, fields, wetlands, and a river. In subjects from science to art, students gain a fresh perspective and a deeper understanding when they step out of the traditional classroom and into the natural world. 

Enriching Extracurriculars

From the arts to athletics, Heathwood has it all. Our extra- and co-curricular programs allow every child to explore their natural talents and take safe risks to gain confidence. 

Episcopal Values

Like all Episcopal schools, Heathwood integrates spiritual formation into students’ daily experience. While most of our students are Christian, we welcome students from all religious and cultural backgrounds and feel that our community is richer for that diversity.

Service Learning

Service to the community has long been an essential component of the Heathwood Hall experience at all age levels. Through their work on service projects, students learn about problems and needs in the community and develop their capacity to strengthen and lift up those around them. 

See it for yourself.

The best way to experience Heathwood is to tour our campus and talk to our teachers.