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Heathwood Hall's identity as an Episcopal School is rooted in our commitment to purposeful instruction and exploration of religion. This means that we come together as a community to engage in gatherings, prayers, and worship, all of which are aimed at nurturing a profound reverence for the inherent worth of every individual.

Our students actively participate in weekly chapel services based on the Book of Common Prayer. At Heathwood Hall, we deeply value our students' unique talents and abilities, and we actively encourage them to take on roles such as leading music, creating artistic expressions, performing in dramas, and serving as acolytes and leaders during chapel sessions. As they progress through Middle School and Upper School, students have the opportunity to delve into religion classes, where they can expand their knowledge about the Bible and gain insights into various world religions.

Guided by our chaplaincy program, we also place significant emphasis on service learning. This involves students dedicating themselves to local and international community service, all in the spirit of serving the greater good and representing the values of faith.

Central to our philosophy is the idea that true compassion and love are built upon a foundation of understanding and connection. This is the essence of the profound love that Episcopal Schools strive to embody. As a result, our chaplain is readily available to offer support to students and their families in various ways:

  • Serving as a Liturgical Leader: Our chaplains play a pivotal role in leading liturgical ceremonies and services.
  • Teaching:  The chaplains take on the role of an educator, providing instruction on subjects like the Old Testament, New Testament, and various world religions.
  • Providing Emotional Support:  During times of grief or hardship, the chaplains are there to offer comfort and solace to students and their families.
  • Hospital Visits:  When requested, the chaplains visit hospitals to provide spiritual support to those in need.
  • Faith Discussions: The chaplains are available for meetings with students and their families to address questions or spiritual needs.
  • Prayer Support: Offering prayers and spiritual support is integral to the chaplain's role in assisting students and their families.
  • Daily Prayer: The chaplain consistently includes students and their families in daily prayers, lifting them up before God.

In essence, our commitment to being an Episcopal School shines through in the deliberate way we approach education, spirituality, and community service, fostering an environment where each individual is valued and supported in their journey of faith and personal growth.

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