Education for Every Age and Every Stage

We often hear comments from students and parents about how different Heathwood is from other schools. What makes us so unique?

Early Childhood

A nurturing and unique learning environment for our two, three, and four year olds.

Lower School

Our kindergarten to fourth grade classes set children up for future academic success.

Middle School

Academic rigor and helping your child mature and thrive is the focus in fifth through eighth grade.

Upper School

Young adults are encouraged to explore their academic interests in preparation for their college careers.
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Only at Heathwood

Our signature programs help students develop the academic, emotional, and social skills that are vital to their future endeavors inside and outside of the classroom. 

Why Heathwood Hall?

At Heathwood, you’ll find innovative instruction from highly qualified teachers, a challenging curriculum featuring opportunities for hands-on, experiential learning both on and off campus, proud traditions, and students who are well prepared for college and beyond.

Standard of Excellence

All children bring different talents and different challenges. But we believe that every child has the potential for academic excellence in a supportive and empowering learning environment.

Engaged, Ethical Citizenship

Heathwood is often described as a “school with a soul,” where young people learn to think critically and creatively, develop leadership and social skills, and most importantly, put service to others over the pursuit of self-interest.

Collaborative Learning

Interaction between older and younger students is a hallmark of the Heathwood Hall experience. Collaborative learning, playing and serving happen regularly on our campus, creating a sense of community among students who range in age from two to 18.