Tuition and Affordability



2020-21 Tuition

Early Childhood (2s, 3s, and 4s):  $10,050.00

Kindergarten:  $14,995.00

Grades 1-4:  $17,740.00

Grades 5-8:  $18,900.00

Grades 9-12:  $19,995.00

You will find detailed information about the cost of attendance and our aftercare program with the links below.  The Tuition Bulletin is a detailed breakdown of all tuition and fees at each grade level.  The Heathwood Plus link will introduce you to our extended day programming: aftercare and enrichment programs, and the last link contains information about the Tuition Insurance program available to families.


Merit Scholarships

Heathwood Hall offers the following merit scholarships for new students: the Rainey Scholarship and the Timmerman Scholarship.  Click here to learn more about our two merit scholarships.

Eligible candidates should contact Suzanne Nagy in the admission office at

In addition to standard admission requirements, scholarship candidates must submit a supplemental application and schedule an interview with the scholarship committee. 

Scholarship recipients will be selected by a committee comprised of admission staff, administrators, and teachers.


Tuition Assistance

Heathwood Hall’s commitment to inclusion has been an essential element in the school’s educational philosophy and culture since its founding in 1951. Heathwood remains committed to a school community enriched with students from a variety of economic, cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Participation from a wide range of families is critical to the health of the school. 

Among our families are those who can afford our full tuition, those who are able to afford only minimal tuition, and those across the spectrum in between. 

Heathwood offers a wide range of tuition assistance. The school encourages families to request information about tuition assistance if they have concerns about their ability to afford full tuition. While every family is expected to contribute to the cost of tuition and fees and to support the community to the extent they are able, the school does not always expect tuition levels will be the same. 

To help us objectively assess how much a family can contribute to their educational expenses, Heathwood Hall uses School and Student Services (SSS) by the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) as a trusted third party. We use the SSS figures as the baseline for our tuition assistance determinations, taking into consideration the school’s policies, class size and the resources available for returning students as well as applicant families. 

For additional assistance, contact Suzanne Nagy, Director of Enrollment Management,

Applying for Tuition Assistance:

The process for applying for tuition assistance is simple and straight forward.  Instructions are outlined below and further detail can be found by clicking here.

Admission Applicants and Current Heathwood Families:

  1. Go to .
  2. You only have to complete one PFS even if you have several children applying to our school. If you are applying for assistance for the first time, click on the “Create an New Account” button. You’ll be asked to enter your name and email address and to select a password. If you applied last year, enter your login and password from last year in the section called “Returning Families.” If you have forgotten your login information, click on “forgot your password.”
  3. Download the PFS Online Workbook and refer to on-screen help for guidance along the way. You can log out of the PFS Online at any time - - then return later to complete your PFS.  Heathwood Hall’s school code is 3793.
  4. Submit your PFS online and upload a copy of your 2018 (or 2019 if available) tax returns to your electronic file.

For questions regarding the PFS form, call (800) 344-8328 (Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM EST, Saturday 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM EST)

Notification of Tuition Assistance Awards

The Tuition assistance Committee will begin making awards in late January, once tuition has been set for the following school year.  Awards will be made in the order in which they were received.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is tuition assistance?

Heathwood Hall offers tuition assistance in the form of a tuition grant. The award is applied toward the tuition for the upcoming school year and does not need to be repaid.

Will I qualify for tuition assistance?

Any family may apply for tuition assistance. Ability to pay is determined by combined salaries, business cash flow, and assets, while factoring in the number of children in fee-paying schools and any unusual expenses.

Does tuition assistance cover other school expenses?

Financial assistance is applied only to tuition. However, for those families receiving over fifty percent tuition assistance, the Committee reserves the right to waive the technology fee, offer reduced rates in our after school care, and award assistance towards the lunch fee.

What is the policy regarding separated, divorced, or single parents?

Heathwood Hall considers the income and assets of any adult who plays a significant role in a student’s life. All adults (mothers, fathers, step-parents, etc) are required to submit all forms to SSS.

Do I have to reapply every year?

Yes. Because a family’s financial circumstances can change from year to year, the committee requires all current recipients to reapply each year. If a family’s circumstances do not change significantly, they can expect their award to remain about the same from year to year.

Will my application for tuition assistance effect my child's chances for admission?

No. Students are admitted based on individual merit, not the ability to pay.

Who are the members of the Tuition Assistance Committee?

The Director of Enrollment Management, the Admission Counselors, and the Chief Financial Officer are members of the Tuition assistance Committee.