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Middle School

The Middle School at Heathwood Hall is designed to engage the unique interests and expansive potential of students in grades 5 through 8. Our program reflects our understanding of students’ academic, physical, social, and emotional needs. The curriculum builds on the basics learned in the Lower School and prepares and equips students for the rigors of Upper School academics. We emphasize hands-on experiences and integrated studies designed to awaken and instill passion, curiosity, and growth in a safe, fun and nurturing environment.

Heathwood’s Middle School faculty plays a vital role in challenging our students academically while helping mold capable scholars, confident in their knowledge and selfmanagement skills. We strive daily to prepare them for the rigors of Upper School, and our small class size – 17:1 student to teacher ratio – ensures our teachers reach individual students with one-on-one attention and invaluable academic feedback.

The art and skill of strong writing is paramount to lifelong success, and it permeates all Middle School content areas. We vigorously teach the craft of writing and provide student feedback to increase fluency and efficacy. In mathematics, we begin developmental sequencing as early as fifth grade, as we assess our students’ math skill sets then match appropriate challenges to meet individual needs. Pre-algebra, Algebra-I, and Geometry are options for students as they are ready, and they can enter Upper School with a math credit, making available the most upper-level math classes before college.

In addition to foreign languages three to five times each week (with a choice between Spanish, French or Latin and the option to earn an Upper School foreign language credit), our students participate in PE, as well as band or chorus, enrichment opportunities like computer coding, art and drama, outdoor curriculum, and science labs.

While our academic day ends at 3:05 pm, our learning and growth opportunities extend far beyond the classroom, with opportunities in sports, extracurricular activities, and student-led clubs. Football, basketball, swimming, cheerleading, and tennis are just some of our sports options, and activities like robotics, mock trial, the national spelling bee, and school-wide plays allow everyone to engage in individual ways.

We are committed to community service and an awareness of environmental concerns. Students coordinate a recycling program, organize food drives, work with a variety of social agencies, and participate in environmental field trips. All grades participate in a multi day class trip through our PEAK outdoor program.

At a critical time in a young person’s life when we can affect the blueprint of who they will become – independent, responsible people who live with integrity – Heathwood’s Middle School provides our students the physical and emotional safety, freedom, and independence to spread their wings, but a secure place to land.

We would be delighted to have you visit us in the Middle School!

Suzanne Nagy
Head of the Middle School