Early Childhood

Building Fundamentals While Nurturing the Whole Child

Heathwood Hall’s Early Childhood program, comprising the twos, threes, and fours classes, helps children develop in every area by providing a comprehensively nurturing environment. Through experiential learning opportunities such as nature walks on Heathwood’s beautiful campus, visits to the on-site Tinker Lab, and preparation for the annual Habitat Day event, students explore a rich curriculum under the care and guidance of compassionate teachers. 

The Early Childhood division at Heathwood is dedicated to following the interests of the children, and that makes for a variety of experiences and avenues to reach the fundamental academic skills of writing, reading, and mathematical fluency.  Being prepared for the Lower School and elementary education is important, but the means by which students learn about their individual passions and become life-long learners is just as vital, and both are clear priorities in the Early Childhood program.

As an Episcopal school, Heathwood values the spiritual, emotional, and social development of every student in addition to their academic growth.  Children will have daily devotions to that end, but the emphasis on creating a loving, serving, respectful environment permeates all aspects of the Early Childhood program.  A child is more than a future college student and professional; they are living, growing beings that evidence and deserve God’s love. 

In some of the most developmentally crucial years of a child’s life, they should learn not just facts and figures but how to explore and learn in general.  The Early Childhood program works to help every student become a respectful, responsible, and self-advocating member of a community of learners by giving them space for personal choice as well as guidance in their development.  A student is more than a passive repository for knowledge; they are a voice and perspective that needs to discover itself.  This work with curriculum and citizenship while building individual voice and discovery forms the foundation upon which students begin building their individual futures. The Heathwood community invites you to start that discovery in the Early Childhood program.

Curriculum Overview

Heathwood’s Early Childhood program is designed to foster a love of learning in a nurturing and engaging environment. Our teachers follow the interests of the children while seamlessly incorporating foundational lessons to address all areas of learning: social/emotional, cognitive, physical, and spiritual. With a learn-by-doing approach teachers use hands-on learning and play-based teaching to engage and excite their students. Our youngest learners enjoy experiencing their learning on our beautiful campus that serves as a classroom and a playground. The Early Childhood program complements the core academic fundamentals by offering Related Arts classes for the students in Spanish, Art, Music, PE, and Library. Habitat Day serves as a culminating experience each year in the Early Childhood grades with students demonstrating their learning through presentations and public displays of their work.

Early Childhood Experience

Early Childhood Twos Program

Related Arts

While  providing a strong academic foundation through the fundamental skills or reading, writing, and mathematics is essential to an excellent education, Heathwood understands the value of a well-rounded education starting from the earliest of ages.  As such, we provide our students with a curriculum that includes fine arts, foreign language, physical education, library, and hands-on science, all taught by teachers who are specialists in those fields.  This is one of the many advantages to sharing a campus with students in grades Pre-K to 12th grade.

Exhibition of Mastery: Habitat Day

Heathwood Hall believes that even the youngest students are capable of the advanced learning that comes through individual research projects and that students of all ages gain confidence through the public presentation of their work. Our longstanding Habitat Day creates opportunities for all Early Childhood students to do both through a sustained project culminating in a presentation to the Early Childhood families.

Extended Day

While the work that our students and teachers do from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm each day forms the heart of the academic journey at Heathwood, the hours from 3:00 – 6:00 pm are an important time in the growth and development of our students. The Extended Day program provides a safe, fun, and caring environment for our students after the school day. The program provides after school care for our students while also offering a variety of enrichment activities that include tennis, golf, PEAK outdoor adventures, and cheerleading.

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