Early Childhood

Early Childhood (EC) students participate in 30-minute music classes each week. The children have opportunities to sing, play instruments, and move while learning fundamentals of music.

EC students also participate in a variety of performances throughout the school year. At each level they are involved in Chapel music, a Grandparents’ Day program, and a Celebration of their studies of the different Heathwood natural Habitats. In addition, the Kindergarten presents “The Christmas Story” in December.

Lower School

Lower School students (grades one through four) participate in weekly 40-minute music classes. They are introduced to the basic elements of music – including rhythm, melody and harmony – through experiences in listening, singing, playing and movement. Classical music and identification of well-known composers are an integral part of the listening experience, and there is an emphasis on integrating music with the classroom curriculum at all four grade levels.

Lower School (LS) students are given a variety of opportunities to perform throughout the school year. Traditionally, the second grade presents a class musical, and all grades have the opportunity to perform for our weekly Town Hall meetings or chapels. All LS students also participate in the Grandparents’ Day musical program.

Students in third and fourth grade may also choose to join the LS Chorus, which meets once a week. These students perform in the community as well as in various choral concerts held throughout the year.