Chaplain's Page

Being an Episcopal School means that Heathwood Hall values intentional instruction and exploration of religion.  We meet as a community to gather, to pray, to worship, and we do these things in order to foster a deep respect for the dignity of every human being. Understanding and relationship are the fundamental building blocks of the kind of radical love to which Episcopal Schools are called.  As such the chaplain is available to students and their families by:

  • Serving as the liturgical leader 
  • Teaching Old Testament, New Testament, and World Religions
  • Caring for students and their families in times of grief 
  • Visiting hospitals when requested 
  • Meeting with students families to discuss faith questions or needs 
  • Supporting students and families with prayer 
  • Naming students and their families before God in daily prayer 

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Chaplain Resources:

Morning and Evening prayer

Lectionary Texts 

Prayer Lists 

Chapel Schedule

Grief Resources: How Adults Can Support Children in Times of Bereavement

Grief Resources: Experiencing Grief as a Teenager