Volunteer Opportunities

Parent volunteers play a major part in the success of Heathwood Hall. Please consider one of the following areas to volunteer that best suits your interest and availability.

The quality of a Heathwood education is exponentially multiplied by the gifts of time and talent made to the school by our parent volunteers.

-Chris Hinchey, Head of School



Annual Fund Committee

The Annual Fund Committee is essential in supporting and strengthening our culture of philanthropy at the school. The Annual Fund plays a vital role as Heathwood Hall’s primary yearly fundraising program, and our goal is to reach 100% participation from current parents. If you would like to join the Development Team and help lead the fund-raising effort for your child’s class, please contact Erin Pope, Director of Development (epope@heathwood.org).

  • Attend a kick-off celebration to meet other committee members and learn about the year’s annual fund campaign
  • Assist the Development Team by motivating fellow parents to support the Annual Fund
  • Work with Development Team to develop a strategy for increased gifts and participation for your grade level
  • Educate families on the necessity of the Annual Fund
  • Monitor class progress and generate enthusiasm within grade level
  • Assist with a phone-a-thon and email follow-ups
  • Participate in the thanking process

Annual Auction Committee

The Annual Auction is the largest fundraising event of the year. There are several ways to be involved with the auction such as securing item donations, sponsorships, party planning, and writing thank you notes. You can become a member of the Annual Auction Committee by contacting the Development office.

  • Be a part of the Sponsorship Committee and secure corporate and individual sponsorships for the event
  • Work with event leadership to plan and coordinate event logistics
  • Assist with planning and executing a marketing plan
  • Be a catalog editor and spend time reading and editing the auction catalog proof
  • Solicit auction items from new and previous donors
  • Participate in the thanking process with handwritten notes
  • Assist with auction setup, item display, and photography

HHARTS promotes and enhances the fine arts program at Heathwood Hall through advocacy, service, and financial support. The goal of HHARTS is to sustain a vibrant and thriving arts community at Heathwood. For more information about membership or volunteer opportunities contact Jennifer Falvey (jfalvey@heathwood.org).

Heathwood Parent Association

The Heathwood Parent Association is an engaged group of parents that contributes to the life of Heathwood Hall. They welcome and build relationships with new families, promote parent involvement in school activities, support teachers in the education of their children, and provide volunteer support at Heathwood events. If you are interested in being a part of the Heathwood Parent Association, please email Julie Benoit with your contact information (jbenoit@heathwood.org).

Highlander Club

The Highlander Club is the booster club for Heathwood Hall Athletics. The club is instrumental in providing funds and leadership to improve Heathwood’s athletics facilities and school spirit. Members are also involved in numerous behind-the-scenes efforts that allow Heathwood athletic events to run smoothly. To become engaged in Heathwood’s athletics, contact JoLee Gudmundson, Highlander Club President.

  • Plan and run the Meet the Coaches drop-in event
  • Manage concessions
  • Collect tickets
  • Sponsor spirit events
  • Coordinate the Wild Game Dinner
  • Assist the coaches, trainersk, and athletes