Senior Exhibition

Senior Exhibition

Senior Exhibition

Heathwood encourages and respects the academic curiosity and interests of our students at every stage of their academic experience. Seniors in the Upper School take their curiosity to a new level, as they are required to identify one area of deep interest and develop it into a scholarly exhibition. 

Supported by a joint committee of adults and peers, each senior pursues a yearlong scholarly research project resulting in a lengthy research paper (or paper and original product.) The committee is made up of two Heathwood Hall faculty members, a member of the junior class, and an outside expert in the field of the student’s chosen topic.   

In addition to thinking deeply and writing thoroughly about their topic, seniors must also take part in the Senior Symposium, in which they demonstrate mastery of their topic through a public presentation. These presentations are held in an open forum, and the Heathwood Hall community and other interested people are invited to attend. 

Successful completion of the Senior Exhibition is a requirement for graduation and an important step in our students’ life-long journey of learning they will soon continue in college. 


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