Academics Overview

Academic Overview

Academic Overview

The 4-Division Experience

Fifth graders reading to Early Childhood 4s.

Ninth graders working with third graders on a science lab project.

Upper School students leading Lower School students through a ropes course.

Interaction between older and younger students is a hallmark of the Heathwood Hall experience. Collaborative learning, playing and serving happen regularly on our campus, creating a sense of community among students who range in age from two to 18. We know that children are inspired by each other, and the interaction between our divisions fosters confidence, leadership and joyful learning.

As one parent put it:

It would be hard to say which experience was more exciting for our son: being read to by an older student, or later being the older student reading to the younger child!

Another benefit of so many ages on one campus is the diminishment of students’ stress associated with transitioning into the next division.

One of our students recalled:

I remember the first day of ninth grade being exciting, not overwhelming, because I had been visiting the Upper School since I was in the Lower School.

Come see and experience the collaborative learning at Heathwood Hall!