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At Heathwood Hall, we use technology mindfully and creatively to enhance teaching and learning across our campus. For more than 30 years, we’ve been a leader in educational technology, continually capitalizing on opportunities to expand what and how we teach our students. We know that mere access to information is hardly a unique resource; rather, it’s how and why that information is used that deepens learning. Our faculty emphasizes critical thinking across the academic disciplines, encouraging students to use technology as tool to deepen curiosity and advance understanding.

The modern students live daily lives in which they access information, media, and communicate with digital devices to include computers, tablets, and cell phones. To facilitate a learning environment that meets students where they are we implemented one-to-one programs in grades 3-12. These programs are built upon an ecosystem that allows students to collaborate with students and faculty, access their school resources, and manage their academic life digitally. Students in grades 3-8 use Apple iPads and students in grade 9-12 use laptop computers (Apple or Windows). These devices together with Google Apps for Education and our Learning Management System, Haiku, make for a power learning environment supporting our rich curriculum and enhancing students’ 21st century skills.

Our technology resources include:

  • Dual platform environment supporting Windows and Mac applications
  • One-to-one iPad program for grades 3-8 and laptop program in grades 9-12; iPads available in K-2 classrooms and computer labs available for all students
  • 63 SMARTBoard interactive whiteboards with ceiling mounted projectors and audio systems for most every teaching classroom on campus
  • Campus-wide wireless network
  • High-speed internet connection supporting our students and faculty as they take advantage of online content; enterprise-class internet connection also supports our Learning Management System and Google Apps for Education providing all students access to the Google suite of online productivity tools
  • Enterprise-class network infrastructure providing the sufficient capacity and reliability to the instruction and learning of our students