Guidance and Counseling

Heathwood Hall’s guidance and counseling program provides direct services to our most important constituents — our students. Our counselors also provide indirect consulting services to parents and faculty.

Contact us:

Jenny Holder, Early Childhood and Lower School Counselor: 803-231-7759 or

Stacy Gross, Middle School Counselor: 803-231-7767 or

Elizabeth Grove, Upper School Counselor: 803-231-7781 or


Prevention and Guidance

Students in Early Childhood through 8th grade receive classroom instruction by counselors on the important topics of empathy training, problem solving, self-awareness, interpersonal relationships, and career/educational goals. These structured lessons are designed to help students acquire and apply knowledge that promotes healthy decision-making and supports overall wellness and development.

Intervention and Counseling

The multiple aspects of a student’s life — academic, social and family — are intricately related and can present challenges that require specialized attention. Heathwood’s guidance and counseling program offers direct services to students aimed at helping them recognize and overcome these challenges that are a natural part of our complex world. 
Intervention strategies, such as individual and small group counseling, provide students the opportunity to develop skills in problem solving and goal setting. Counseling services give emphasis to self-direction and are available to all students.

Human Growth and Development Specialists

Both prevention and intervention strategies are implemented in a manner that is age appropriate. Heathwood counselors are experts in human growth and development and understand the unique attributes, needs, and challenges of the stages in early and middle childhood and adolescence.

Parenting Programs

Our parenting programs provide instruction on current parenting practices and offer opportunities to share ideas and ask questions. This crucial component of Heathwood’s guidance and counseling program is open to all parents.


Counselors work closely with students, families, and faculty to help ensure the successful development of every student. Heathwood counselors are skilled at dealing with family systems and the systemic nature of institutions. Counselors use these skills to act as catalysts for positive change and advocacy.