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Why 5th Grade?

Why 5th Grade?

By starting Middle School in 5th grade, Heathwood gives students more opportunities to grow in mind, body, and spirit during important developmental years. Visit us and discover what opportunities await your child. 

In Middle School, students face accelerating academics, greater responsibility, and changes to their relationships. Although this period is often challenging, it is rich with growth opportunities.

At Heathwood, Middle School begins in 5th grade to enable students to better adjust to the many changes they face in Middle School in a nurturing and supportive environment. Committed to educating the whole child, Heathwood offers unparalleled opportunities for students to establish strong academic foundations; develop character and executive skills; and discover their talents and passions through athletics, outdoor leadership, service learning, visual and performing arts, and other programs.

Schedule a campus visit and learn how Middle School at Heathwood can help your child develop the academic and social foundations that will serve in high school and beyond.

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Learn how our students thrive in Middle School